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TV On The Porch version 2.1!

What's New?

6/3/12--Restoration of Admiral 421M complete.

5/27/12--Guest Book entries are finally viewable.  Thanks to all (well, almost all) who signed during the past year. 

5/14/12--Silvertone 9120 added to TV Sets before 1950 

5/13/12--Added Majestic 93 to Radios 

5/12/12--Added Emerson 639 to TV Sets before 1950. 

5/7/12--GE H-51 added to Radios.

4/30/12--Restoration of 9TW333 (TV and radio) complete.  I have recently posted better photographs of several sets and will shortly be adding photos of sets not previously shown on the site. 

6/27/11--No more ads! As mine is not a free account they were never supposed to be there in the first place, but a sharp customer service rep spotted the problem without even being alerted to it and now all is well.

6/22/11--Added Freed-Eisemann 101(?) to TV Sets 1950-59.

6/19/11--Excuse the dust. Wink  As predicted below, I'm doing some more and better page renovations to better accommodate new additions.   

5/6/11--To avoid running out of room for new additions to the TV Sets gallery I have concentrated all sets with a record changer into the Record Player gallery...for now.  That will likely change, but in the meantime nothing is missing, just moved.

Added Muntz M-21 to TV Sets.

4/28/11--GE H-77 added to Radios gallery. 

4/24/11--It is the eve of the site going live again for the first time in 3½ years, very exciting!  If you remember the site from ca. 2006, the look and format should be very familiar.  However, things have been extensively and exhaustively updated.  Virtually every single page has been revised, ranging from the most minor tweak to an entire rewrite.  

In its first year or so, this was a website looking for a reason to exist.  As my collection of vintage electronics began to swell, the site found its groove as a gallery-cum-restoration blog.  It returns as such today, now with photographs of many more models in detail found nowhere else.   In the coming weeks and months even more sets will be added in all categories.  Those with photographs to be added imminently are indicated with a placeholder, but there are quite a few more still to come once I dig them out!   Additions will be noted in this space.

The links pages have been cleaned up and reorganized with all links verified good as of today. 

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