Television Sets (1950-59)
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Click on images for details.  Sets marked with an asterisk (*) are ones I've restored to working.

Philco 50T-1401

Motorola 10T2

Philco 50T-1477

Du Mont RA-109-A3

Hallicrafters 818

Crosley 11-445MU

Crosley 11-446MU

Capehart 323M

Motorola 17K4

Freed-Eisemann 101

Gotham Visionaire 127

Majestic 14CT4*

Emerson 699*

Emerson 663

Motorola 17T4E*

American Television 2001A*


General Electric 17C105

Crosley DU-17 TOL1*

Coronado 25TV2439060A

Admiral 421M*

Crosley EU-21

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