Television Sets (before 1950)
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Yes, I really watch them!
Click on images for details.  Sets marked with an asterisk (*) are ones I've restored to working.

Motorola VT71

General Electric 801

Hallicrafters 505

Farnsworth 651P

Telekit 10-A

Pilot TV-37

Motorola VK106

Admiral 19A11

RCA Victor 8T241

Westinghouse H181

General Electric 811

General Electric 814

General Electric 821

RCA Victor 9TW333*

Admiral 4H16 S

Wilcox-Gay 9V*

Sentinel 411CV*

Zenith G2953R

Du Mont RA104-A3

Du Mont RA103-D

Crosley 9-419M-3LD

Emerson 639*

Muntz M-21*

Silvertone 9120

Motorola 10VK22R

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