Television Sets (before 1950)
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Yes, I really watch them!
Click on images for details.  Sets marked with an asterisk (*) are ones I've restored to working.

Motorola VT71

Hallicrafters 505

Admiral 19A11

Motorola VK106

RCA Victor 8T241

Westinghouse H181

General Electric 805

General Electric 811

General Electric 814

General Electric 821

RCA Victor 9TW333*

Admiral 4H16 S

Wilcox-Gay 9V*

Sentinel 411CV*

Zenith G2953R

Du Mont RA104-A3

Du Mont RA103-D

Crosley 9-419M-3LD

Emerson 639

Muntz M-21*

Silvertone 9120

Motorola 10VK22R

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