De Wald D-616


Tube complement:
  • RF amplifier            1      12BA6
  • converter                1      12BE6
  • IF amplifer             1      12BA6
  • detector/AF amp      1      12AT6
  • audio output           1       50B5
  • rectifier                 1       35W4

This attractive radio's cabinet mold was later recycled, resulting in what was possibly the most attractive UHF converter ever produced. 

Note that the filament string adds up to 133.  It doesn't take noticably longer to warm up as a result of this unusual arrangement, but it wouldn't be worth the wait if it did:  this is hands down the worst sounding, worst performing six-tube radio I've ever heard.  Still nice to look at though, but I'm not sure if the knobs are correct.  It snuck into my collection with two mismatched knobs on its two mismatched shafts.  Fortunately a mate was found for the only one of those two which attaches with a set-screw.

Thanks to DJ Dick for donating the second knob. 


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