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This behemoth Neutrodyne two-dialer would've been obsolete technologically within a couple years of purchase, but evidently its owners stuck with their considerable investment for an extended period.   ST or "shouldered" tubes didn't come into existence until this radio was several years old, yet every tube in the set is an ST style replacement, suggesting long continued use.  Shame about the faux woodgrain flaking off, eh?

You don't have to be ambidextrous--but it helps!  Of course, if that back and forth twisting gets you fatigued...

You can always pull out the shelf and rest your elbows!

On the right inside wall is a power strip, 1920s style.  The B+ power supply and the signal chassis each plug in  with their own AC cord.  The third outlet is for the speaker (out for repair), which has a seperate rectified AC power supply for the field coil.  I love hardware like this!

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