General Electric "Mount Vernon"

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This was my grandpa's, and he used to brag about its tube count.  On its four chassis the tubes number an astonishing twenty-five in total, including four in the reverb unit ("but I don't use the reverb" he'd quickly add).  But that high tube count is not the most amazing aspect of this nearly-five-foot-long crown jewel of GE's stereo line...

Nossir, the most amazing aspect of this set is its Custom Vacu-magic turntable.  The tonearm vacuums the dust off the record as it plays.  No sh*t.  There's a little brush on the vacuum nozzle at the front of the arm;  the vac hose extends out the back of the arm and down into the cabinet where there's a small, quiet vacuum motor which is switched on and off with the turntable.  

I'm not pulling your leg, all of the above is true!  But...this stereo's original turntable was replaced many years ago and eventually lost.   The one pictured here is a ringer, aquired with the intention of restoring the vacuum function.  But then...

In early 2014 a complete and near-mint vacu-magic turntable was offered on eBay along with a spare vacuum motor.  The lucky aquisition of this OEM gear puts gramps' stereo on the restoration fasttrack--just in time for the 21st century vinyl renaissance. 

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