Majestic 93


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Well...what can I say?  I neither painted nor cut the legs out from under this radio (see inset), it suffered those indignities long before it fell into my hands. 

A side-mounted toggle switch to turn the set on/off was the custom of that time, but two toggle switches?  The one at left (toward front of set) is the power switch;  at right is a local/distant switch, a pre-AVC feature that cuts out the longwire antenna to prevent overloading of powerful nearby stations. 

 This chassis, the 90-B, was used in seven Majestic models, which all have at times been erroreously identified by the chassis number.  It's a TRF circuit using four stages of 27 RF amps and a 27 power detector, driving push-pull 45s.  Wow.  Of course in its present condition restoration is a pipe dream, but I dare to dream. 


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