General Electric 303

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In the glut of early-postwar tabletop phonographs, this one was a standout in terms of quality--but it is seldom seen today.  What stands out?  For one thing it's transformer powered, providing a 280-volt B+ line--more than twice that of AA5 type units .  The radio portion is very sensitive, with inductance tuning and a 6SB7Y used as converter tube.   The phonograph's magnetic pickup with permanent needle puts contemporary crystal pickups to shame.  All this, plus, a 6" speaker driven by a 6V6 gives this unit the "console sound" that similar-sized players by rival makes lacked in varying degrees. 
Sad, but true:
This record player's weakest link is its turntable, the same type seen in some very modest consoles made by Bendix.

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