Admiral 7T10

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The bulgey bakelite cabinet was still in style 1948, but would become quaint shortly thereafter.  The knobs are pretty cool--"'A' is for Admiral!" :)   
Tube Complement:

 converter   1   12SA7 
 IF amplifier 1  12SK7
 detector/amp 1  12SQ7GT
 audio output 1  50L6GT
 B+ rectifier  1  35Z5GT

Restoration notes:
I couldn't wait to start on this radio. It hadn't been used for a long time judging by the dried out, cracked cord.  The spare cord I replaced it with looks pretty close to period correct.  It was probably put away due to a fault which is surprisingly rare in real life:  burned out tube.   Kinda bummed me out too;  I had noticed right away the unusually short 12SQ7GT.  Cool looking tube, but it was out, so out it went.  After replacement of all paper and electrolytic caps, this set is a strong and sensitive performer, very hot for an AA5.   I have a Select-A-Tenna that I move from radio to radio, but find this one seldom needs it for stations that other radios don't receive very well without it.

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