Majestic 14CT4

14" screen, 1951

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From the last days of the small-screen console comes this little beauty with its photo-finish and large, shiny control bezel.  Note the Majestic logo appears twice:  in the center of the bezel and above the screen. 

Tube Complement
RF amplifier  1  6BC5
converter 1     6J6
video IF amplifier  1   6AU6
2nd and 3rd video IF 2   6BC5
video det/AGC rectifier 1   6AL5
video amplifier 1   6AC7
DC rest/sync sep/sync amp 1 12AU7
horizontal phase detector 1  6AL5
horizontal oscillator 1  6SN7GT
horizontal output 1  6BQ6GT
damper 1   6W4GT
vertical oscillator 1    6C4
vertical output 1    6K6GT
sound IF amplifier 1   6AU6
ratio det/audio amplifier 1    6T8
audio output 1   6V6GT
B+ rectifier  1   5U4G
HV rectifier 1   1B3GT
Restoration notes

What a lemon!  I acquired it from another collector around 2010.  While still in his possession, we did a soft-start with a variac and got as far as a white line on the screen.  The variac was then not quite at 100 volts when he noticed the red-plated rectifier and shut it down.  Almost a decade passed before power was applied again after replacement of electrolytic capacitors, but this was to be no simple recap. 


The blame for complication in the project spreads pretty far.  A fair share goes to Sam's for mistakes printed in their Photofact folder for this chassis.  The folder covers a great many models, as the same basic chassis was used in many Majestic sets with screens up to 19".  While the schematic's variations as they applied to different CRT sizes were well documented, a minor variation of RF tubes as shown on the location chart definitely was not.  Somebody had oh-so-helpfully crossed out the tuner tubes in pen on the location chart pasted inside the cabinet, possibly because it didn't agree with the Sam's.  

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