Motorola VT71

7" screen, 1947
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A number of manufacturers offered introductory-level electrostatic sets in the immediate postwar period, but none marketed them more successfully than Motorola.  What grew into a complete--and ubiquitous--line of 7 and 8 inch screen sets in cabinets of various wood finishes, bakelite and even tolex-covered portables, originated with this table model. 

Tube Complement
RF amplifier   1   6AG5  
converter 1     7F8  
video IF amp 3   6AG5  
video detector 1   1N34  crystal
video amplifier 1   6AU6  
limiter 1   6AU6  
ratio detector 1   6AL5  
audio amplifier 1   6SQ7  
audio output 1   25L6GT  
1st clip/vert osc 1 12SN7GT  
vertical amplifier 1   6SL7GT  
2nd clip/horz osc 1 12SN7GT  
HV oscillator 1   25L6GT  
HV rectifier     1B3GT /8016

Common among these sets is deformation of the screen gasket, most having slowly melted into an ugly glob.  Fortunately, a few sets survived into modern times with gaskets relatively intact.  A mold was cast from one of these for the purpose of making reproduction gaskets.

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