Philco 50T-1401

12" screen, 1950
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This set belonged to friends of my grandparents.  Grandma & Grandpa lived in Cleveland Heights and I would spend my summers there as a kid.  In 1974, having been towed along to their friends' house on bridge night, I went skulking into the basement and encountered (in awestruck wonder) this mystically beautiful old TV set, which was sitting on a large bench.  It wasn't until I went upstairs to report my discovery (read:  admit my snoopiness) that I learned of my failure to notice it was plugged in!  I then went back downstairs and watched the TV movie "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" on this magnificent set.  It was only the next year that it quit working and was given to me.  Still, at twenty-four years service it had an unusually long first life.


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