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The Known Radio

This deco delight was billed as 'The Unknown Radio' during the time this site was up originally because it has no badge, no label, no identifying markings anywhere.  Not surprisingly, the challenge to put a name to it was taken on by several viewers of the site, the first stab at an ID coming from Dale Davenport:

"Stein's first edition identifies the 'Unkown Radio' on your web sight as a 1948 'McGuire'"

Nostalgia Air has schematics for Maguire brand radios that appear to be physically identical, but they are AM-only, with a tone control in the position where this model has a bandswitch. Its circuit is an AA6 with an unusually generous parts count and entire complement of loktal tubes.

The sleuth who cracked the case of the unknown radio was John Lindberg, writing in early 2007 "i'm sure you have an answer to the unknown radio by now, looks identical to my brewster 9-1084"


Googling that model number led me to pictures and text on a seller's page at Radio Attic. According the seller, this radio was manufactured by Meissner.  The pictures definitely showed the same radio, with only different knobs to distinguish it from mine.  I can understand a label wearing off, but this radio shows no evidence of ever having a name printed on or attached to it in any way.  That alone makes it still a bit of a mystery....

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