Thus it began...

17" screen, 1951
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My very first "old TV set" way back in 1974.  It had belonged to the late husband of the little old lady who lived above The Olde Store, the city's historic first mercantile establishment-turned-antique shop.  It had sat unused in a garage behind the store for perhaps a decade or more before I found it, snooping around back of the place through windows.   She didn't seem to mind that and was only too happy to let it go for $15.  Turned out that she had only recently considered using this set again after the TV that originally replaced it in 1954 finally conked out--but upon turning it on for the first time in who-knows-when, something in back burst into flames!  Even after being serviced it only worked so-so, but did so for more than a decade afterwards with no further pyrotechnics.

To date, the last show watched on this set was Max Headroom in 1987.  Not long afterward it was put in the basement where it languished for the better part of two decades before my interest in vintage TV collecting--and preservation--was renewed.  At least I didn't pitch it in the interim.  Meanwhile the historic Olde Store is now a parking lot. 


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