Philco 50T-1477

12" screen, 1950

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Radio and TV controls in front, record player under the lid.  Perhaps that's the most obvious and practical layout for a combo, but that doesn't save it from looking odd.

Oops, spoke too soon about practicality. More practical, perhaps, than units which had players for different speeds in separate drawers, but still.... This unique turntable is a fully automatic changer, with 78s played by the arm on the left and LPs played on the right.  The setting of the speed switch determines which arm will respond to the change mechanism.  If you want to play 45s....'ll be good to go as soon as you get yourself a 45 turntable.  Don't ask me where it's supposed to go, but at least there's a jack to plug it into when you figure it out where to set it.  Hey, it was either that or a third arm! Laughing

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