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Standards converter

Watch live TV on your scanning-disc set!  Make your foreign set display the domestic standard--whichever side of the Atlantic you happen to be!  These little bitty black boxes do all that and much more.

Talk about it!
Video Karma

Vintage TV forums, including a small section for antique radios.

Antique Radio Forum ...including a small section for vintage TVs.

The Philco Phorum For those who collect and enjoy Philco radios.

Old Time Victrola Music message board Talk about talking machines!

Research material and miscellaneous
Tom Bavis A phool's paradise with beaucoup links.

Fun With Tubes Everything you always wanted to know about vacuum tubes but didn't know who to ask.

Nostalgia Air

Free online schematics, manuals and more!

Or try The Schematic Bank

Sylvania Technical Manual--1943 and 1949 editions They're back!  The 1943 edition includes a helpful chapter about fundamental electrical laws.

Shokus Video Online catalog.  Watch old-time TV on your old-time TV set!

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