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Vintage TV and radio links

The sites showcasing a collection contain hundreds of pictures of consumer gear from the tube age.  The other sites offer a little bit of everything for the tube head.  If you're hoping to finish a project--or start one--these are a practically unlimited resource of knowledge, experience and ideas.  And they've got stuff for sale.

Old Radio Parts

Mark Oppat's site with many vintage and reproduction items for sale.

Bob' Antique Radios

Restoration supplies.  Of particular interest is his exclusive line of reproduction AC cords.


Just Radios

Not really, especially now that they carry 6000v caps for deflection circuits of electrostatic TVs.  They feature a full line of high and low voltage electrolytic and film capacitors, plus 1/2 watt and 1 watt resistors in all values encountered in vintage sets.

Vacuum Tubes, Inc.

NOS Tubes, tube sockets and more. 

Collections and Galleries
Early Television Foundation

Museum website.  Dedicated to the preservation of early TV technology and featuring many sets made for obsolete standards restored to operation, from scanning-discs to CBS color.  

Phil's Old Radios

One of the world's first websites for antique radios and TV sets--and still one of the best.

Vintage Radio & TV

Let Chuck be your guide for a tour of home entertainment equipment from 1895 to 1955.

Steve's Vintage Color TV Page

A photo-rich page featuring everything from early color receiver screen caps to magazine illustrations of the rarest sets, plus lots of other 1950s color artifacts and ephemera.

Jeremy's Antique Radios Preserving history, one radio at a time.

Plastic Radio Gallery  ...and Bakelite and Plaskon and's

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