RCA Victor CT-100

12 inch screen (15" nominal color tube), 1954
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Serial #B8003192
Perhaps rushed to market after Westinghouse began selling its own color set, The CT-100 is a refined version of RCA's late 1953 model 5 prototype.  It is a superior set with wideband demodulation, full DC restoration, 7 IF stages and a tube with richer, truer color rendition than any that came after.  It does, however, still represent color TV technology in its infancy and it takes a great deal of patience and skill to obtain optimum results from one of these beasts.

I was first let loose to surf the web in 2000 and one of the first sites I found was the one detailing Pete Deksnis' ongoing restoration of 'The Set'.  During the same initial period of web browsing I found Ed Reitan's comprehensive Color Television History site, with details about the CT-100 and all the other RCA color sets of the 1950s.  

 By far the most detailed account of a CT-100 restoration currently available on the internet is Phil Nelson's.  The ups and downs of the perpetual restoration that the owner of an operational CT-100 must undertake is fully documented and copiously illustrated.

Meet the RCA CT-100 Color Television

The work of these dedicated techies (among others) who have breathed new life into old vessels of living color serves as an inspiration.  I hope to one day soon enjoy the deep hues of 1954 color on my own restored Merrill.  As the saying goes, watch this space....

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