RCA Victor 6-JY-1A

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This unit is just like one I had when I was very young, maybe six or seven.  That one came from a garage sale.  I wasn't worried about the fact that it had no speaker--and I didn't know what the word "amplifier" meant--I just connected the shielded cable to the leads of a crystal earphone (I have no recollection of cutting off the RCA plug to do this) and listened to records!  My brother was quite exasperated by the idea that I would sit there and "pretend" to be listening them.  I said I wasn't.  He said it was not possible, arguing the point quite convincingly...in one ear...while I was listening to a record in the other ear.   

This is, of course, the later configuration of 45 changer with combination reject and power switch.  The reject cycle is much gentler than the earlier generation of players, but still lacks any provision for shutoff after the last record.

This turntable is mismatched to the base.  There's a sticker underneath which says model 45-J-2.  Shortly after this page went up under that number, some knowledgable folks set the record straight. (no pun intended) The real base was a slightly different shape, and might have been black or off-white to match the arm.

Thanks to Doug Van Cleave, Ken Doyle and Brian McAllister for the info. 

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