Victrola VV-IX

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I had a pretty good size 78 record collection as a 9-year-old.  A flea market find, this was my first acoustic record player.  It was already missing its doors back then.  It was also missing the needle discard cup, which I replaced thirty years later courtesy of eBay.  In 2014 I celebrated this machine's centennial birthday with a little r&r.  First I rebuilt the reproducer.  Although the mica diaphragm had stood strong under much abuse, the gaskets and flange could not withstand the ravages of time and were replaced.  After that, the gears were freshly oiled and lubed.  Finally I laid in a generous supply of needles:  loud for acoustic records, medium for prewar electric records and soft for later 78s that frankly shouldn't be played on acoustic machines at all, particularly not if they're valuable.  


The big 12" platter distinguishes this model from the very similar but slightly smaller Victor VV-VIII.  Well, that and the fact that the IX is almost never seen in oak.  :)

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